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How is Etched Glass different from Frosted Glass?

While going for a house remodeling, you might find yourself wondering what type of glass you should choose for your beautiful home. Naturally, you will want the glasses of your house to stand out, which is why knowing what type of glass will suit your home becomes prudent. In addition, you may find yourself asking, which one is better? frosted or etched glass is better. If you are confused between frosted and etched glasses, keep reading this blog to understand the difference between the two.


Etched glass is a term used for decorative glass, and for frosted glass, people use the term translucent. Both these glasses look beautiful. They are meant to obscure the vision but allow the light to pass through so that area where you apply the frosted and etched glass doesn’t stay deprived of light and filtration.

You will find both frosted and etched glass used in the exterior and interior doors and windows. At home, you will see them in the bathrooms and kitchens as partitions and screens. So, etching is a process where the glass surface gets altered to give it a more decorative effect. The etched glass will have a decorative pattern, artwork, and lettering.

And when it comes to frosting, it is a process where transparent glass gets converted into translucent glass. This gives the frosted glass a cloudy effect, making frosted glasses ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, they are often used as glass balustrades, glass partitions, and glass screens.


Etching, as explained, means giving intricate patterns to glass. The design can range from geometric patterns to floral designs. You can customize etched glass as you want and play around with colors to add your personal touch. Technically, etched glass is acid-etched glass, otherwise known as French embossing. It is an old decorative technique used on glass.

Acid-etching dates back to thousands of years when craftsmen discovered a deep green mineral while heating fluorite, produced by hydrofluoric acid. The craftsman experimented by applying it on the top layer of the glass. Victorians used this process for decorating doors and windows in their residential homes, public areas, restaurants, and pubs. Today, the designs have been modernized with attractive artwork, patterns, and lettering.

When it comes to frosted glass, it is achieved by sandblasting a transparent sheet of glass. Sandblasting is done by using a blasting process on the glass surface, and to do that; craftsmen use sand. Then, the entire sheet of glass gets sandblasted. Because of the frosted glasses’ translucent feature, frosted glass is more common in bathrooms or places where people want privacy.

The difference between frosted glass and etched glass is that etched glass has intricate designs, while frosted glass has a white appearance. Moreover, frosted glass can be translucent or 100% opaque. Apart from homes, you will find these glasses in medical offices, cabinets, etc. If you are looking for frosted glass near me, you can ask for a frosted glass sign as well. Frosted glass signs will be custom-made as per your needs.

Etched glasses are available in different types. One of them being frosted glass. Another one is called carved glass. They are ten times deeper than etched glass. In a simple etched glass, the design will be scuffed to the top layer of the glass using simple patterns. However, in carved glass, you will see the material dug deep into the glass at various depths. In addition, the design will be detailed and becomes perfect for different home décor styles.


Before choosing between frosted and etched glass, you will first have to understand your requirements.. For example, if you are looking for privacy and are not really into designs and patterns, frosted glass will be ideal for you. However, if you want to use glass in the kitchen or as a partition in a room, you can go for etched glass as you can play around with different patterns and art to match with the entire aesthetic of your home. . Apart from your personal preference, there are a few other things to keep in mind too. Since etched glass involves designs and patterns, it will cost you more than frosted glass. If you are under a budget and don’t want to go over it, the frosted glass will be an ideal choice.

Etched glass gives you customization options; however, limited designs and patterns can be engraved into a glass. And if you want a custom design, be ready to pay a bit more. But when it comes to frosted glass, it can be cut into numerous designs for branding and logos. In addition, it comes in different opacities, textures, and patterns.

Both these glasses have unique features and characteristics. First, decide where you need to install these glasses and consider the purpose of the installation. This will help you to make the right choice.

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