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Why we’re proud to be stockists of AGC Glass

Instrument Glasses are proud to be stockists of AGC Glass. But what is AGC glass and how

can it benefit you? Read on for our guide to AGC Glass and what our Hertfordshire glass manufacturers can offer to you.

Who is AGC glass?

AGC Glass Europe is the European glass branch of AGC, the world leader in flat glass, and

produces, processes and distributes flat glass for the building and automotive industries, as well

as the solar and high-tech sectors.

What is AGC glass material?

AGC tempered glass is manufactured using special tempering procedures unique to AGC Inc.

which has been proven to be much stronger and bendable than regular tempered glass. AGC

tempered glass has been known to reach 9H hardness levels.

Is AGC glass environmentally friendly?

AGC Glass Europe has an Environmental Management System providing support for achieving

the goals of our environmental policy. By using AGC glass, Instrument Glasses aim to

manufacture a variety of products using the best available technologies from the environmental

point of view, in order to minimise the environmental impact.

What can be made with AGC glass?

Did you know one in four buildings is glazed with AGC coated glass? Coated glass for greater

thermal insulation or solar protection. Toughened, laminated or fire-resistant glass for greater

safety. Acoustic insulation or antibacterial glass for greater health. Mirrors and decorative glass

for interior decor.

What’s more, one car in four is fitted with AGC glazing! Panoramic windshield. Available with

wireless heating, head-up display or anti-IR coating for greater thermal comfort. Side windows

with UV protection. Backlites with built-in antennae that double as defrosting elements. Glass

roof that converts from transparent to opaque at the touch of a switch.

As proud AGC stockists, Instrument Glasses can create added value, to meet the needs of the

carmakers. For more information, get in touch with our team today.

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