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Why You Should Be Careful With Air fryers and Glass Splashbacks

Air fryers are popular because they are affordable, don't use as much oil as a traditional fryer, and heat food evenly and quickly. These appliances are much healthier than deep fryers and work more rapidly than a standard convection oven.

But while they may be popular, many people are quickly discovering that using an air fryer in your kitchen does come with a risk. As this article by The Sun reveals, air fryers can cause damage to your glass splashback.

Air fryer damage to glass splashback

Since air fryers have become a staple in the modern kitchen, Instrument Glasses have seen an increase in the number of customers complaining of cracks in their glass splashback. Before using your air fryer, it's important to follow the instructions in the user manual to prevent any damage to your glass splashback.

We recommend keeping it at least 30cm away from the splashback and other heat sensitive materials to prevent damage occurring. Do not place unit under shelving or flammable materials when in use.

Repairing your glass splashback

Glass splashbacks can crack under the pressure of intense heat, especially when an airfryer is near. Trying to repair a cracked glass splashback is very difficult and generally not recommended. Instead, you're better off buying a replacement. This is why its crucial that you buy a good quality, toughened glass splashback to begin with, don’t get temped by those cheaper quotes!

If you find your glass splashback cracked, broken or damaged, our team is on hand to help. With over 60 years experience in glass manufacturing, it's safe to say we're experts at getting you the results you desire.

At Instrument Glasses we only create splashbacks using toughened glass. Good quality toughened glass is both heat resistant and safe. If you'd like more information about our glass splashbacks, contact our enfield glass manufacturers today.

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