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Why you should upgrade your bathroom with Instrument Glasses

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been looking forward to 2023 for a while now. And, if you’re planning to do some new years renovations to your bathroom, there are plenty of decisions to make.

From your frameless shower options to bathroom mirrors, there’s a lot of personalization and customisation choices you might ponder, maybe we can help.

Bathrooms aren’t just functional, they’re a place to unwind

In days past, bathrooms were one of the least worried about rooms in a home. They’d get a small shack-like space in the garden, next to the shed. Hardly inviting.

But now, they offer a lot more than functionality. Bathrooms are a place to pamper, relax and unwind. They’re also a space to prepare for the day and make yourself up. Bathrooms, therefore, see a lot of use.

And if your bathroom isn’t inviting, and isn’t offering you (or your guests), the best environment, there’s plenty you can do about it.

A better bathroom also means a better valuation

It’s no secret that the bathroom holds importance for property evaluation. So if you’ve decided to renovate your bathroom to sell your home, the value in upgrading your bathroom can be significant.

According to, bathrooms have the potential to add between 4-5% to your home’s value, dependent on design or build. So bathrooms are important to get right and think of as more than bland functional areas that do the job.

Make your bathroom a modern space

Open-plan, modern spaces that match themes and personality with functionality are a must. A clever use of solace for storage, accessibility, and ventilation next to a clear design goal and colour palette is a great place to start your planning. Options like bespoke mirrors, full length or bespoke. Shower style and size should be a consideration.

Looking for inspiration?

The continuing growth of Instagram has seen interior design and sharing your home’s spaces become increasingly popular. It’s a great place to visit to get inspiration. We recommend checking out, or following @bathrooms_of_insta. We’re sure you’ll find some incredible ideas there!

Send us your measurements for a ball-park quote

We’d love to help you out with any glass designs in your new bathroom. If new year, new bathroom accurately reflects your plans, then get in touch with us! You can contact us here via our website, or give our offices a call.

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