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Coated Glass

1. Back painted glass

We stock 4 & 6mm lacobel glass in which we have 20 colours in stock, the glass is back painted one side with a high-quality paint. The colours are guaranteed to be uniform finished and the paint adheres flawlessly to the glass, the colours are fixed in the manufacturing process and are UV resistance. Glass is non-porous, flat and easy to clean and are hygienic.

We also stock Lacobel T in which this glass is toughened

We can spray to any colour

2. Coloured float:

4mm , 6mm , 10mm in grey , bronze, anti-sun green


3. Solid Coloured Filter glass
Coloured glass or stained glass is made by adding metallic salts during its manufacture.

We stock a comprehensive range of coloured material, which can be heat-strengthened up to 650mm square (a pack of samples showing our range of colours is available on request).

Peacock Blue

IG Green

Pink 9250


IG Amber

Cathedral Green

Red 8210

Dark Blue 4403

Lilac 3055

Light Blue 4264

Amber 7328

Cathedral Yellow

Med Blue 4218, Pot Blue ‘F’

Yellow 7272

Light Green 5672

Purple 9012

Dark Green 5432

Med Green 5640

Violet 3019

Light Blue 4523

Light Brown 6063

Amethyst 9150


Yellow Straw 7086

Orange IPS8

Red IPS10

Green IPS4

Light Blue IPS2

4. Signal colour filter
Coloured signal glasses for aviation, marine, railway and automotive industries.

5. Dichroic Coloured Filters
Dichroic filters are very accurate filters and have the ability to transmit certain regions of the visible spectrum and affect others with a high degree of efficiency. The coating is able to withstand up to 350 Degree C and will not fade, making this perfect for lighting. The light produced is perceived to be high saturation in colour, however they will not suffer from a burn out and can be used in close proximity to high powered light sources.

Application: Dichroic filters are especially popular in the architectural and theatrical field as well as for use in the home and commercial lighting.  In addition dichroic filters can be used as a beam splitter and also as prism within LCD projectors to split white light. Dichroic filters have also been used as glass jewellery producing an iridescent effect.

We have a vast range of dichroic filters in stock in a wide range of colours and thicknesses, 1.1, 1.75,  2.0 &  3.3mm.  Dichroic colour filters transmit certain regions of visible spectrum and reflect others with a high degree of efficiency. In contrast with our standard colour glass they are practically absorbent free.

The maximum temperature the coating will withstand is about 350 Degrees C and will not fade, which makes them perfect for the lighting industry. These characteristically result in high transmission colour saturated filters which will not suffer from burnout and can be used in close proximity to high powered light sources.

We hold a very extensive range of colours and various shades of these colours in stock and we can generally match any colour that is required.

We can also cut the glass in a wide range of shapes for specific fittings or projects that may be required, by our skilled cutters and CNC machines.

1. Red

2. Blue

3. Green

4. Yellow

5. Amber

6. Purple

7. Pink

8. Turquoise

9. Cyan

10. Indigo

11. Magenta

12. Rose

13. Aqua

14. Daylight

15. Peach

16. Straw

17. Scarlet

18. Gold

19. Violet

20. Lilac

21. Apricot

22. Brown

23. Grey

24. C.T.B

25. C.T.O

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