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Glass for the lighting industry

We provide the full range of glass products to the light trade and have grown into one of Britain’s largest glass suppliers to the industry.

Meeting the demands of the very fast turnaround associated with the lighting industry, we are able to produce both one-off samples and large production runs while offering free advice to all our customers.

Please click on any of the following categories to view more information:

  • Dichroic Coated Glass and Filters

  • Colour Correction Filter (ex-stock)

  • Didymium Coated Filters

  • Coated UV Protection Filters

  • Coated Heat Filters

  • Neutral Density Filters

  • Barrel and Oscillating Mirrors

  • Solid Coloured Glass

  • Fibre Optics

  • Gobos

  • UV Protection Glasses

  • UV Filter – Optivex – Unaxis

  • UV Blocker

  • UVILEX 390

  • Fresnel Lenses

  • Colour Correction Filters

  • Filters

  • Downlighters

  • Cover Glass

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