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Glass for the lighting industry

Instrument Glasses specialises in providing high-quality glass products tailored to the specific needs of the lighting industry. Whether you require glass for lamps, light fixtures, or specialised lighting equipment, we have got you covered.

Our glass products for the lighting industry are carefully crafted to enhance illumination while ensuring durability and longevity. We understand the critical role that glass plays in lighting applications, and that's why we prioritise excellence in manufacturing and offer a wide range of glass options suitable for various lighting needs.

Contact our team of experts today to discuss your specific lighting glass requirements. We are committed to providing customised solutions that meet your unique needs and contribute to the success of your lighting projects.

Types of Glass Provided:

  • Dichroic Coated Glass and Filters

  • Colour Correction Filter (ex-stock)

  • Didymium Coated Filters

  • Coated UV Protection Filters

  • Coated Heat Filters

  • Neutral Density Filters

  • Barrel and Oscillating Mirrors

  • Solid Coloured Glass

  • Fibre Optics

  • Gobos

  • UV Protection Glasses

  • UV Filter – Optivex – Unaxis

  • UV Blocker

  • UVILEX 390

  • Fresnel Lenses

  • Colour Correction Filters

  • Filters

  • Downlighters

  • Cover Glass

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