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Range of Glass Stocked

Instrument Glasses are renowned for stocking large quantities of many different types of glass, all of which can be processed to customers’ needs and designs or simply supplied as single sheets to the glass and optical trade.


Types of Glass Stocked including 6mm Lacobel


Please click on any type of glass listed below to view more or for glass splashbacks.

Float Glass

Float glass is made from floating molten glass on top of a bed of molten metal (usually tin). This creates consistency flat surfaces and uniform thickness. Float glass is typically made from soda lime glass.

Clear White Float Glass

Low iron float glass is much like clear float glass but is without the green tinge. This can be seen on the edge with a white colour given off.

Schott Borofloat®

Float-quality borosilicate glass with low thermal expansion and a degree of tolerance towards thermal shock and temperature gradient on and in the glass.

Borosilicate & Pyrex

Borosilicate glass is typically formed from silica and boron oxide constituents. Borosilicate glass has very low thermal expansion coefficient which makes resistant thermal shock more so than any common glass.

Schott Coated Glass

SCHOTT MIROGARD® is an anti-reflective, completely transparent glass for use in glazing pictures. Types stocked include; Mirogard,  Conturan, Amiran, Mirona and Narima.

Silver Mirrored Glass

Silvering is the common term given to the chemical process by which the reflective medium, (or ‘mirror’) is created. 

Coated Glass

  • Anti-Reflection Coated

  • ITO Coated Glasses

  • Dichroic Coloured Filters

  • Neutral Density Filters

  • Bespoke coating by Datasights

Coloured Glass

  • Back Painted Glass

  • Coloured Float

  • Solid Coloured Filter Glass

  • Signal Colour Filter

  • Dichroic Coloured Filters

Patterned & Etched Glass

Ideal for decorative architectural applications requiring a certain degree of privacy. Can be thermally toughened, laminated, sandblasted or fitted in double glazing depending on the design and thickness

Other Glass

  • Ceramic Glass

  • Laminated

  • Optical White Crown Spectacle B270

  • Optical Materials

  • Quartz Corning Vycor Glass

  • Alkali-Free Glass AF45

  • Optivex UV blocker

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