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Glass Splashbacks

We have 55 years of experience in glass creations and precision engineering and 12 years in back painted glass. We take great pride and care in our work and this is why our glass splashbacks are processed at our factory in Enfield, London and not outsourced.

Why not use our expertise and create a stunning look for your kitchen and bathroom with glass splash-backs. The glass can be manufactured in large pieces which minimise joints to ensure a clean fresh look. Glass is inherently hygienic, easily cleaned and is a non staining alternative to wall tiles.

We stock 6mm lacobel glass, in which we have 20 colours in stock as well as many types of mirrors. The glass is back painted one side with a high-quality paint. The colours are guaranteed to be of a uniform finish. The paint adheres flawlessly to the glass, the colours are fixed in the manufacturing process and are UV resistant. Glass is non-porous, flat and easy to clean and hygienic.

Kitchen and Bathroom Glass Splashbacks

  • All lacobel colours can be used in humid environments ( kitchens & bathrooms ) but should never be immersed in water.

  • Paints used are environmentally friendly.

  • Lacobel paints can withstand up to 80 C, suitable for glass splashbacks in kitchens with an induction hobs.

  • We are stockists of AGC Lacobel. The stock sheet size of the Lacobel and mirror is 3210 x 2250 and can be processed to any size and shape by our skilled craftsmen.

  • Black Classic 9005

  • Black Sparkle 0337

  • Bronze Mirror

  • Cherry/Luminous Red 1586

  • Coarse Silver/Rich Aluminium 9007

  • Dark Brown 8012

  • Dark Grey 2232

  • Fjord/Soft White 9010

  • Forest Green 1342

  • Fuchsia Pink 4006

  • Grey Classic 7035

  • Grey Mirror

  • Lava Ral/Dark Red 3004

  • LI Mirror

  • Light Brown 1236

  • Lime/Luminous Green 1164

  • Matt Black 9005M

  • Matt White 9003M

  • Ocean 1227

  • Orange Classic 2001

  • Orchard /Pastel Green 1604

  • Pearl White 1013

  • Pure White 9003

  • Sky Pastel Blue 1603

  • Soft Metal Blue 1435

  • Steel/Metal Grey 9006

  • Sunshine 1601

We can produce any cut-outs for your sockets in the glass splash-backs or other intricate shapes to meet your design requirements.

We can make your glass splashbacks to template or drawings which, due to their accuracy, are preferred.


The glass must be fixed with non – acidic adhesive, which we supply.

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