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Security Glass

Using the right type of glass for security applications is not enough to ensure the necessary resistance to severe loads.

From accidental impact to forced entry, Instrument Glasses can create glass solutions that can keep building occupants safe and sound from accidental and deliberate damage in many ways, while also allowing the creation of bold and attractive designs

What is Security Glass

Glass that can take a hit!

Security glass is a strengthened glass or glass substitute specifically designed to safeguard a property's susceptible entry points and areas of customer interaction. These panels can be reinforced to withstand handheld weapons, projectiles, bullets, and even explosive forces.


Beyond its defensive attributes, security glass is engineered to shatter into non-lethal granules that pose no risk of laceration to the skin. Notably, certain types of security glass are formulated to remain securely within their frames even after being broken, enhancing the overall safety and containment features of this specialized glass solution.

Types of Security Glass by Instrument Glasses

Tempered Glass

Tempered or “toughened” glass is any glass that’s been thermally and chemically treated to increase its strength. In addition, the glass is able to “chunk” or crumble into small granular pieces rather than knife-like shards.

Tempered/toughened glass is also much less likely to shatter.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass doubles as a safety glass. When the glazing is struck, it breaks within the frame, but is held in place by the PVB.  Once laminated glass reaches a certain thickness (around 5 cm or more) it becomes bullet proof, meeting UL752 bullet proof standards up to level 8 (the highest possible).

Answering these questions may help you narrow down a possible security glass solution for your business:

What is my business trying to protect? 
A retail store concerned with smash-and-grab theft won’t require the same level of protection as a bank looking to protect its tellers from an armed robbery.

Do I need indoor or outdoor security glass?
Tempered and laminated security glass protect store windows and entry/exit doors.  


What is crime like in your area?
Every business should have some protection from break-ins. But the level of protection may differ depending on how much (and what type of) crime occurs to commercial properties in your area.

What Type of Security Glass Is Best for Me?

What Type of Security Glass Is Best for Me?

What Type of Security Glass Is Best for Me?

Why Choose Instrument Glasses?

Experience & Expertise

With over 60 years of experience, Instrument Glasses ensures that the security glass you receive is crafted with precision and meets the highest standards of quality

Quality Assurance

At Instrument Glass, quality is non-negotiable. You can trust that the glass you receive is of the highest quality, providing reliable protection for your property.

Trusted Reputation

Our commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction has made us a go-to choice for individuals and businesses seeking top-notch security glass solutions.

Comprehensive Solutions

Whether you need security glass for windows, doors, or other vulnerable points, Instrument Glasses provide comprehensive solutions to safeguard your property effectively.

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