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Glass Processing

When Instrument Glasses was established in 1962 we designed and built our own machinery, which is still running this day.  Over the last five years we have invested more than £1 million on the latest state-of-the-art glass processing equipment, which puts us in the unique position of combining over 40 years of experience with the most modern updated CNC machinery.

  • Aluminising

  • Arrissing/chamfering of glass

  • Brilliant cutting

  • Cnc cutting of glass

  • Cnc grinding

  • Cnc polishing

  • Countersinking of holes

  • Drilling holes in glass

  • Eva laminating

  • Glass bending

  • Groove cutting

  • Hand cutting of all types of glass

  • Laser centring

  • Lens polishing

  • Mgf2 coating

  • Precision Grinding diameters to size

  • Rebating discs

  • Rebating squares/rectangles

  • Sandblasting

  • Sandblasting patterns & rebates

  • Screen printing

  • Specialist in polished strips of glass

  • Specialist in toughening small components

  • Straight line bevels

  • Straight line grinding

  • Straight line polishing

  • Uv bonding

  • Waterjet cutting

Of course, glass splashbacks is part of our processing.

View more, click here for glass splashback information

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