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Gift Industries Glass

Our expertise in cutting and polishing all shapes and sizes of glass to within outstanding degrees of accuracy and finish, has enabled Instrument Glasses to produce all types of trophies and awards. Rectangles and some other shapes are held in stock but we can, of course, custom make most design ideas, whatever your creation.

Trophies and awards can be supplied very competitively in float, white float and coloured glass.  Glass bends are also used for trophies and photograph frames.Small dimensional polished glasses can be used for gifts such as paperweights, cufflinks and compact mirrors.

Optical Components Manufactured

Clocks and Barometers

Barometer bevels and clock faces in all sizes and shapes are manufactured in polished bevelled or clean-cut form. Small sizes are made for carriage clocks.Large clock faces and barometer glasses are made to bezels or drawings.

One-off quantities for spares or large production runs can be supplied.

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