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Glass Display Cabinets

Our professional knowledge and skills in U.V. (ultra violet) bonding allows us to bond glass invisibly together. This has led us to design and produce many different products including glass cabinets and display units.

Our expertise and technical skills have been exploited by many top class interior designers for both home use and commercial application. For example, we were asked to make a wine rack five metres long by two metres high out of low iron glass, lit up and holding hundreds of bottles of wine. The project was very interesting and we took it on with the final outcome producing an amazing end result for our client and well within budget.

Our bespoke glass cabinets and display units, are manufactured using butt  jointed glass or mitred edge, are used in exhibitions and shops to enhance and protect products from jewellery to model cars.

Our mitred edge cases are prevalent in the clock makers industry as canopies for their elegant and precise products.

Without doubt, there are not many glass processing factories around these days that can produce to exact tolerances and specification demanded by industry and consumer use such as bespoke Television stands and Hi Fi as an example.

Before you decide to buy a glass stand or cabinet from a stock range somewhere, why not give us a call to discuss your requirement, you could easily have your own unique creation for not a lot of difference in cost.

Many designers call upon us with a variety of unique and inspiring project ideas, but if you’re not a designer and have your own ideas, we will bring it to life for you..

We are not limited to commercial or home, glass cabinets and display units are widely seen in all sorts of clubs for golf, snooker, conservative and private clubs of one form or another.

Please call us on Tel: 020 8804 5824

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