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Patterned & Etched Glass

  • Ideal for decorative architectural applications requiring a certain degree of privacy

  • Can be thermally toughened, laminated, sandblasted or fitted in double glazing depending on the design and thickness



  • Interior use: Ideal for decorative or architectural applications requiring a degree of privacy or scattering of light

  • Interior applications include showers, furniture, partitions, etc.

  • Exterior use: doors and windows, façades, atriums, roofs, etc.

1. Schott Rivuletta® decorative glass with fluted structure is crafted from SCHOTT’s exceptionally clear low-iron glass. The smooth flowing vertical pattern evokes the image of clear flowing streams of water. While its unmatched clarity beautifully complements any room, RIVULETTA® decorative glass with fluted structure creates a distinctive effect as light dances from flute to flute.
SCHOTT RIVULETTA® provides an elegant combination of visibility and privacy – ideal for timeless interiors seeking to unite the spaciousness of open room design with a sense of privacy.

Timeless design

Straight and purist in form, elegant in its look and feel: thin, parallel flutes running along one side give RIVULETTA® its timeless, classical beauty. A design which is wholly created from the material itself. The opposite side is unstructured.



Schott Rivuletta® is made from extra-clear low-iron glass
Rivuletta® has a fire-polished surface
Wide rage of processing options

2. Pattern Glass

  • 4mm Ribbed soda-lime

  • 4mm Reeded soda-lime

  • 4mm Prismatic soda-lime

  • 4mm Solite soda-lime

  • 4mm Crossfield soda-lime

3. Acid Etched Glass

  • List Glass Thickness sizes

  • Matobel one side  2mm  1600 x 1000

  • Matobel both sides   2mm  900 x 600

  • Matobel one side  3mm  1600 x 1000

  • Matobel one side  4mm  1600 x 1000

  • Satin float   3mm

  • Satin float   4mm

  • Satin float   6mm

  • Satin float   8mm

  • Low iron matelux4mm  3210 x 2250

  • Low iron matelux6mm  3210 x 2250

  • Low iron matelux10mm  3210 x 2250

  • Low iron Anti-slip  12mm 3210 x 2250

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