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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Commercial Glass Contractor : Instrument Glasses

Getting new glass installed requires more than meets the eye. First, you need to choose which product fits your commercial business best. Then, you must determine your budget. Next, you will need a professional commercial glass contractor for proper installation. After you are working with a commercial glass contractor, it is a lot smoother sailing. However, the process of finding the right glass technician is a challenge in itself. Many Utah commercial business owners don’t realize the difference their choice makes. From the cost to energy efficiency to the overall design, picking the glass products for your commercial project can transform the end result.

Instrument Glasses has years of experience handling a range of commercial projects. Our commercial glass solutions have a longstanding reputation for reliability, durability, style, and efficiency. Sawyer’s team has put together a guide for helping you select your commercial glass contractor. By asking your prospective contractor these five questions, you can ensure that their bid will live up to its number.

A top-notch commercial glass service provider will happily answer all of these questions. They should also work hard, proving that they are worthy of your business. Our team suggests vetting a few glass contractors before settling on one. It is also crucial that you weigh your options—bids and budget matter but not at the cost of efficiency. Use the following questions as you evaluate prospective commercial glass contractors, and you will be well on your way to a fully-integrated commercial project.

If you are in the process of finding a professional glass contractor, follow this list of questions to find the perfect fit.

5 Questions to Ask Prospective Commercial Glass Contractors

Instrument Glasses recommends evaluating a variety of commercial glass professionals before assigning anyone to the job. Of course, the glass contractor will provide you with a bid, listing all the proposed offerings, selected products, and various prices, including service costs. Along with the initial proposal, you should ask each contractor the following questions, understanding if they are qualified for the job and if their style will work well with yours.

#1. Are you a licensed commercial glass professional? If so, what is your company’s name, credentials, and proof of insurance?

This question is perhaps the most critical in your efforts to find an excellent commercial glass professional. Commercial projects include a lot of work, which increases the likelihood of something going wrong. Making sure your commercial glass contractor has the qualification and licensing in place will keep you from liability. Proof of insurance will also help protect your business, as well as theirs, in the event of a mishap.

#2. Can you give me a list of past commercial client referrals?

Ideally, your commercial glass contractor should have years of experience under their belt. They should provide you with a list of referrals that you can contact. These referrals will give you a better understanding of how they perform their work. It would be best if you also asked for photos of completed work. These days, many commercial business owners check Google for customer reviews and ratings. You can narrow down your list by inspecting online reviews. While a low score shouldn’t immediately knock someone out of the running, it is important to read those reviews carefully. Also, check how the company responded to those bad reviews. It can say a lot about a commercial glass contractor who tries to right their wrongs.

#3: Can I get an itemised estimate?

As mentioned earlier, most bids will include this, but you must ask for it upfront. Itemized estimates will give you an in-depth look at the project, which is critical in a large commercial project. You can also go back-and-forth, planning out the project and selecting materials, if and when it is necessary. A reputable commercial glass contractor will have no problem breaking down the project. It can also help to have an itemized estimate on-hand to refer back to as the project commences if you need to make any changes.

#4: What is the timeline of the project?

Commercial glass projects can take quite a while. From the design to installation, commercial contractors spend a lot of time getting the job done correctly. Whether you are having exterior windows installed or need specialized glass, getting a timeline will help you understand the length of time your project will take. It is also helpful knowing exactly when the glass will be out of commission, especially if you’re coming up on a seasonal change.

#5: Do you offer any warranty on your installation or further maintenance and repair services?

Most glass contractors will offer a warranty. Some warranties last for one year, and others go a bit longer. However, the length of a guarantee is less important than the company’s willingness to stay true to their warranty. Customer referrals also play a part in understanding how a commercial glass contractor treats its clients. Whichever contractor you choose, make sure they warrant their workmanship. You should also be aware of the glass manufacturer’s warranties. Understand them both. Ask for a copy of each window product’s warranty you are considering and a contract with your selected contractor’s warranty, as well.

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