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5 reasons to install glass partitioning in your workspace

If you are looking to design a new workspace or are planning an office refurbishment, you will need to consider how to divide your office space. Glass partitioning can be used in commercial spaces, schools and offices - it is even becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. It is the ideal option if you are looking to give your floor layout a spacious open feel, but at the same time provide an element of privacy.

Not only will it give your office design a clean and modern feel, but glass partitioning can also enhance your interior design ideas. And with so many partitioning systems available, you are bound to find a suitable look, achieve the functionality and flexibility you want without breaking the budget. Here are 5 reasons to consider glass partitioning in your office space:

Greater flexibility

Unlike solid walls, glass partition walls offer greater flexibility for any future changes or alterations you may have. It is easier to demount or de-glaze glass partitioning than a solid wall and less messy. As there is less breakage, materials can even be reused elsewhere. Many demountable systems are designed to be relocated, adapting to your business’s changing needs. And some demountable systems come with tax relief as well.

Free flow of light

Natural light is beneficial as it creates a comfortable and inviting working environment. Using solid wall partitioning will block natural light. In contrast, glass partitioning allows for the free flow of light, and worth considering especially if you have lack of natural light in your space. More natural light will also mean you rely less on artificial lighting, and thus a long term cost-effective solution.


There are many International and UK made partitioning systems, making it a competitive market, and you will likely be able to find a system that will suit your budget. Plus, if you have contracted an organised and experienced glass installation team, it can be a lot quicker to install than solid walls - reducing costly disruptions in the office. And apart from the fact future alterations can be made cheaply and quickly by reusing existing materials; there are long term benefits too. For example, there is no need to re-paint dirty walls or re-plaster damaged walls in the future. Glass can be wiped down when dirty. Scratches and marks can be removed using Vetrox glass polishing if needed. A very badly damaged panel can be de-glazed and replaced without affecting the rest on the wall.

Design and function

There many glass partitioning systems available, each with different styles, finishings, colours, door options and more. And you can even create a mix - for example, use timber doors with glass walls or glass walls with solid walls. Plus you can add bespoke and unique touches. For example, the glazing channels can be powder coated to just about any colour you want. Bespoke designs and artwork can be produced and placed on the glass as manifestation or film.

From a functional perspective, you can select a wide range of options as well: single glaze internal partitioning, double glaze or acoustic glass (for better soundproofing), fire rated glass partitions (providing fire protection), etc. Plus, there are many door options including glass sliding doors with optional soft-close, hinged glass doors, glass pivot doors with hold-open or auto-close options, double glazed doors, security doors, fire-rated doors and more.

Privacy and noise

If it is noise reduction you want, then you should consider using acoustic glass or a double glazed partition system to sound-proof you space. You also have visual privacy options by using blinds (usually installed in double glazed systems) or manifestation (film applied to glass). But better still, there is a total privacy option with Smart Glass Partitions (also known as Privacy Glass and Switchable Glass), which at the flick of a switch will go from opaque to clear or transparent - ideal for boardrooms and meeting rooms.


Glass partitioning not only is aesthetically pleasing, but it is also flexible to future alterations and cost-effective. It is crucial, however, that you speak to a reputable glazing and glass partitioning installation team, to ensure you have the best and most suitable options for your space.

At Instrument Glasses we have installed countless partitioning projects and worked with just about any system available to various specifications including single glaze, double glaze, acoustic glass, Smart Glass, all types of glass doors and much more! We would be more than happy to discuss your glass partitioning needs.

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