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Advantages Of Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is used in a wide variety of everyday things, including computers, smartphones, windows, kitchen appliances, bathtub enclosures, and vehicles. Why should you use tempered glass instead of ordinary glass? Here are some benefits you need to know about:

It's Safer

The biggest advantage of tempered glass over annealed or “ordinary” glass is that it was designed for safety. Unlike annealed glass, which breaks into large and dangerous shards, tempered glass disintegrates into small granular chunks that are relatively harmless.

It’s tougher

The thermal tempering process used to manufacture tempered glass makes it much stronger than ordinary glass. Tempered glass can stand up to strong winds, direct impact from blows and bumps, and minor explosions.

It’s heat-resistant

Tempered glass can resist temperatures of up to 470 degrees Fahrenheit. This property makes tempered glass ideal for use in kitchen appliances and in areas like the bathroom, where it will likely be in contact with the heat on a regular basis.

It’s crystal clear

While the tempering process makes tempered glass super tough, it doesn’t affect the clarity of the glass. Tempered glass is crystal clear and transparent, which makes it useful in windows, display cases, and glass doors.

It’s versatile

Tempered glass can be used practically anywhere glass is needed. It makes for an attractive and sturdy frameless shower door, a fully transparent smartphone screen protector, and a seamless stovetop base.

It doesn’t scratch easily

The manufacturing process that makes tempered glass thermally tough also makes it scratch-resistant. This makes tempered glass an ideal material for glass doors, kitchen appliances, mobile screen protectors, and passenger vehicle windows.

It is available in various designs and patterns

Tempered glass can be clear, frosted, engraved, stained, and patterned. It’s available in an array of patterns and designs to suit your needs.

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