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Advantages Of Toughened Glass Splashbacks

Interior design comes with a lot of tough choices. Your home is your space; the one place that reflects who you are, that you can really put a stamp on. So when it comes to deciding how to decorate your rooms, it’s important to make the right choice first time.

Many of our customers ask what are the advantages of toughened glass splashbacks? Toughened glass Splashbacks and worktops are a very worthwhile investment both aesthetically and also in terms of practicality and hygiene. Both glass splashbacks and worktops are becoming increasingly more popular, and have many beneficial qualities that make them a perfect addition to your home.


Glass is non-porous making it impervious to water, bacteria and grease, so is extremely hygienic. Due to its sleek and smooth surface unlike tiled surfaces, glass is very easy to clean. Any chemical based cleaning product such as bleach can be used to remove marks or stains on the surface of the glass and can easily be wiped away with a cloth or a sponge. Toughened glass splashbacks and worktops are the best option with regards to keeping your home safe from harmful germs and bacteria using even industrial and hospital grade detergents to remove and kill MRSA, HIV virus, Hepatitis B and C and many other types of viruses, bacteria, algae and fungi!

  • Better cleanliness and hygiene

  • Eliminates unpleasant odours

  • Non-flammable, not classified as hazardous

  • No Stains

Heat and impact resistant

At Instrument Glasses we use toughened glass as standard for all of our splashback and worktop installations. Toughened glass is significantly stronger than non-toughened glass, as a result we believe that toughened glass is the perfect option for splashbacks and worktops. You could knock the splashback with a frying pan or drop a pot on the worktop and have no worries of the glass breaking.The toughening process also makes the glass heat resistant to 400°c, making it suitable to go behind the hob in your kitchen.

Cost-effective & Value

Toughened glass splashbacks and worktops are stronger and more durable than tiles, quartz, granite and laminate. Once installed the glass will last the life time of the kitchen. Tiles would have to be regularly re-grouted and retiled to continue looking as good over the years. Quartz can stain and is not so resilient to heat, as well as granite and laminate which also suffers from being non-porous allowing for germs and bacteria. As a result of these advantages over other materials toughened glass splashbacks and worktops are the future being used more and more by property developers in new homes, choosing this option you are also adding value to your home.

Aesthetic appeal

Instrument Glasses pride ourselves on the huge selection of designs and colours available for glass splashbacks and worktops. We provide bespoke options with our in-house graphic designer to assist in creating a custom design that perfectly matches your decor of your home.

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