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Bathroom Splash Backs

Looking for a way to make your washroom look different and stand out, then look no further. Splashbacks are a modern and practical alternative to traditional tiles. They are becoming the latest trend, not only because they create a wow-factor but because they have so many more advantages to tiles and are much more practical.

Areas you can use a Splashback.

Bathroom splashbacks can be used in many different bathroom areas, such as the bathtub, sink area, and shower enclosures, to protect the walls from watermarks. Bathroom glass splashbacks can even go behind the toilet area and window cill as well. Splashbacks can even be put on existing tiles and hide away the old grouting that has started to come out and gone yellow over time.

Benefits of a Splashback

They’re a lot easier to clean and a lot more hygienic, unlike tiles with grouting, which over time starts to come away and make the bathroom look outdated. Traditional tiles will always create a repetitive grid pattern that disrupts modern look, streamline design, and minimalism. They are 100% waterproof! So no need to worry about black mould building up on the grouting and sealant. One crack in a tile can result in you changing the entire wall of tiles, which is time-consuming and costly. We can customise your Splashback and cut it to the size you require. Glass Splashbacks are smooth and seamless with a gloss finish and can make small bathrooms look a lot more spacious. We can even place the Splashback over existing tiles, so you don’t have to worry about getting the old tiles removed and incurring extra costs. The Splashbacks will cover up any irregularities you have on the walls.

Beauty of Splashbacks

Splashbacks are combinations of practicality and beauty, and they are incredibly versatile. You have the option of colour matching any major paint brand out there. You can even add any print of your choice or even a sparkle to add your personal touch. Or, if you prefer the look of tiles, we can even print a picture of tiles onto the Splashback; the variety is endless.

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