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Benefits of Using Glass Wall Designs for the Home

If you’re considering a glass wall as an option for your interior design, then you’ll want to know about the benefits of using glass wall panels designs for houses. Our team of experts at Instrument Glasses, London glass manufacturing company, outline the five unexpected benefits of using glass wall designs for houses below.

Better Sleep

Glass walls can help to produce a better sleep. One of the major health benefits of exterior residential glass walls, is that they provide light with an unobstructed opportunity to flow into the interior area of the building. Providing more natural light has been linked to a boost in people’s psychological and physiological well-being. Science has demonstrated to us time and time again that people do better when functioning in natural light than when functioning in fluorescent light environments.

But what, exactly, is it about natural light that is boosting people’s psychological and physiological well-being? Much of natural light’s power has to do with its ability to regulate our circadian rhythms, leading to a better sleep cycle and deeper sleep. Basically, our ancestors were used to using natural light to regulate their days for generations, so it seems our bodies adapted to relying on natural light. Thus, the more natural light exposure a person experiences, the better the person’s sleep cycle.

Better Mood

Yet another important benefit of natural light for your clients is that having more access to natural light in a room can also help boost mood throughout the day. In fact, studies have shown that bad lighting in a home can affect a person’s mood. In fact, there are physical reasons for this. Poor lighting can make it difficult for a person to see things, affecting vision and posture. If somebody’s vision is affected, they are more likely to experience eye strain and migraines.

When people are operating in rooms with well-lit interiors, they also experience enhanced productivity, which in turn helps create a positive mood. Patients in hospitals with a window in their room recover faster than patients in hospital rooms without a window, which shows you how natural light helps enhance one’s positive mood.

Smaller Electricity Bill

While your customers will receive many health benefits by installing energy-efficient glass walls, promoting a healthy lifestyle won’t be the only advantage. Your customers will also find some monetary benefits as well. Using a glass wall to provide more natural light in a room can help save money because it could lower the cost of electricity bills. After all, if you can get more light into your home, you won’t need to turn the lights on as often, helping to save money on electricity.


Exterior glass walls can be customised to fit a home or specific project. For instance, most opening glass walls can stack to another. These stacking glass walls provide limitless potential for design ideas and can even be designed with decals or frosting to add a bit of personality to the appearance. Frosting one’s glass walls also provides a bit of privacy while still getting plenty of access to natural light. So even your most creative customers will be able to have their needs met with a glass wall.

Flexible Modern Aesthetic

Glass walls offer plenty of flexibility when expanding usable space. If you come across customers that are planning on expanding their spaces in the future, you can remind them that glass walls are very adaptable. Folding glass walls can be used to incorporate an outside space, or even divide a space.

For example, think of the outdoor kitchen. A well-placed glass wall can eliminate the need for an outdoor kitchen and create an open kitchen that can transform and expand into the outdoor space. This is just one example of how a folding glass wall can be used to incorporate an outside space and adhere to the flexible modern aesthetic which lends well to how people live today.

To discuss how Instrument Glasses, London glass manufacturing, can transform your space, get in touch with our team today!

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