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Best Instagram Accounts For Showers And Wet Room Inspiration

As we meander through 2022, we are seeing more and more attention to interior design and home renovation. Social media has boomed over the last year with people dedicating whole accounts to their renovation journey, or collating online mood boards to showcase trends and unique aesthetics. Shower & wetroom design in particular has become a trend in itself, where showering is no longer just a necessary day to day task, but an immersive and holistic experience. Our Insta grids are now shrines of glass, stone and marble, intertwined with armies of house plants. (FYI, eucalyptus is supposed to be THE shower plant to give you that ultimate spa-like experience.) Now more than ever there has been a boom in bathroom redesign, and there are many reasons for this. Redesign has become popular, not only to make your bathroom more aesthetically pleasing… it goes even deeper than that! Redesigning your bathroom can increase your home’s overall value, the newer the appliances in your bathroom, the more pleasing they are to potential buyers. Another reason for this trend becoming more popular is the opportunity to switch to appliances that are more eco-friendly. Purchasing products from companies that develop energy-efficient, recyclable, low tox or biodegradable products is a trendy way to keep the planet healthy! If you need a little inspiration for your new shower or wetroom, we have gathered 5 stylish instagram accounts to inspire modern shower and bathroom solutions that will get you feeling zen and you, and your home, feeling fresh.

Small Bathroom Design

This page is dedicated to smaller spaces, from sleek shower-bath designs to innovative shower screens. Small Bathroom Designs proves that having limited space shouldn’t limit your creative horizons and it is clear from their account that it certainly doesn’t stop them!

Luxury Bathroom Design

This is contemporary bathroom design at its finest. This page arranges a clean and neutral grid showcasing minimalist and open plan solutions to showering. This one in particular is a beautiful example of how to integrate a room with its functionality without overdoing it.

  1. Bathroom Design Studio

This opulent array of bathroom styles is adventurous to say the least. They are rich in their unusual composition and darker tones. These designs really integrate a feeling of being outside with nature, meaning use of natural materials like stone and plants. The minimalist glass sheet for the shower perfectly balances the natural light, sleek style, and protective functionality.

The Nicheman Inspo

Glass shower doors are a great way to protect your bathroom from excess water and these glass double door showers with the sleek black frame are very 2022. The borders create a window like effect that accentuates other matt black features around the room. They exhibit an eclectic style, and are great for people who really aren’t sure what sort of bathroom they’d like to go for. can often throw a spanner in the works when it comes to design inspiration and execution. It can be hard to match the bathroom decor to your chosen house aesthetic as they are often smaller, and more awkward spaces in general. It’s easy to fall into generic ways of thinking and sensible/quick solutions. We can provide glass to help spice up your bathroom. If you have been inspired by anything in today’s blog, feel free to give us a call to see your ideas come to life!

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