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Brand Spotlight: SCHOTT NARIMA ®

SCHOTT is a leading international technology group in the areas of specialty glass, glass-ceramics and glass innovations. SCHOTT NARIMA® stands out and grabs peoples attention. Whether inside or outside NARIMA® produces shimmering colours in no less six different variations. The six colour variations make a bold visual statement while giving a remarkable sense of depth. These qualities make it the ideal material for architects and designers to create lively colour accents.

Enchanting, eye-catching and elegant

Indoors or outside, SCHOTT NARIMA ® color effects glass grabs people’s attention. This glass produces iridescent color effects in six different variations and makes a bold visual statement while conveying an impressive sense of depth – making it the ideal material for architects, artists, and designers to create lively color accents.

NARIMA®, with its 6 variations offers a beautiful colour effects in the blue-gold, blue-green, may-green, orange & yellow.

How is SCHOTT NARIMA glass made?

NARIMA® is a dichroic color effects glass. “Dichroic” means that NARIMA® glass reflects some colors and allows others to pass through. For this reason, the glass shows one color when it is looked through, but creates a completely different color impression in the plan view, depending on the angle.

NARIMA® is a color effects glass that is produced in a dip-coating process. Very thin layers of high and low refraction metal oxide coatings create vivid colors which change depending upon viewing angle and daylight conditions. Based on the hardness, scratch resistance and high chemical resistance, NARIMA is noticeably more durable than conventionally coated glass – and care and cleaning of the glass can hardly be more simple and uncomplicated.

The optics of NARIMA® changes slightly during the tempering process. The reflection curve shifts due to tempering. Different process parameters (glass size) can cause fluctuation of the optics due to tempering.

What makes it unique?

SCHOTT NARIMA ® Color Effects Glass is unique due to:


  • offers beautiful color effects in blue-gold, blue-green, may-green, green, yellow and orange

  • can be used for eye-catching interior and exterior applications

  • causes dazzling visual accents with an impressive sense of depth and homogenous appearance

  • can be used for office buildings, museums and opera houses to doors and parapets


  • NARIMA® coatings are hard, highly scratch-resistant, highly thermally and chemically resistant

  • many processing options e.g. thermally toughened safety glass, heat-strengthened glass, laminated safety glass, insulation glass, etc.

  • NARIMA® as a dip-coated glass is harder than sputtered glass products and less vulnerable to humidity than foil-based solutions

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