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Four Reasons to Install a Glass Kitchen Splashback

Revamping the kitchen without breaking the bank can be approached from many angles. You can paint (or replace) your cabinet doors, swap out your tiles or even invest in a new set of worktops to transform the entire space.

But if you are looking to bring something attractive and functional into your kitchen as quickly and affordably as possible, a glass splashback takes some beating. For next to nothing, a glass splashback gives you the opportunity to completely transform the visual appeal of your kitchen.

Instrument glasses, enfield glass manufacturer, outlines why you should invest in a glass splashback for your kitchen:

Glass Splashbacks Are Flawlessly Hygienic

Toughened glass is a naturally nonporous material, making it impossible for germs and bacteria to accumulate. It is a low-maintenance kitchen enhancement that is easy to clean, using nothing more than an everyday antibacterial spray. All the kinds of spills and splatters that would otherwise permanently stain your surfaces are kept safely at bay and your kitchen becomes a safer and more hygienic place in general.

Hence, a glass splashback can be just the thing to install close to the highest-traffic areas of your kitchen, making food prep and all subsequent clean-up activities that little bit easier.

Durability and Longevity

A high-quality splashback made from toughened glass can represent the ultimate in long-term value for money. With little to no ongoing maintenance requirements, a glass splashback can have a potentially indefinite lifespan. In fact, there is every chance your splashback will outlast almost everything else in your kitchen.

Toughened glass can withstand temperatures as high as 300° C and is manufactured in a way that makes it highly impact-resistant. All of which brings welcome peace of mind into the kitchen, where health and safety are always top priorities.

Unlimited Customisability

A toughened-glass splashback makes it easy and affordable to bring something truly unique into your kitchen. If preferred, you can choose from many thousands of different designs, colours, and configurations for all types of kitchens. Alternatively, you can opt for a custom splashback, crafted to feature your own unique design.

Absolutely any digital image file you own can be transformed into the splashback of your dreams. Go for something elegant and understated, or radically transform the visual appeal of your kitchen with something more outspoken. It’s entirely up to you, but the beauty of bespoke splashbacks design lies in the ability to customise your panel in any way you like.

Easy Installation Process

You don’t have to be a particularly experienced DIYer to master the art of splashback installation. Instrument Glasses have over 60 years of experience installing glass splashbacks across the UK. If you’d like more information about our products, get in touch with our team today.

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