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Glass Processing at Instrument Glasses

At Instrument Glasses, we pride ourselves on being a leading glass manufacturing company, renowned for our comprehensive glass processing services. Our state-of-the-art facility and experienced team ensure that every piece of glass we produce meets the highest standards of quality and precision.

Here's an overview of the various glass processing techniques we offer and why Instrument Glasses is your go-to source for all your custom glass needs.


Our glass cutting services are the foundation of our custom glass solutions. Using advanced machinery and precision tools, we can cut glass to any size and shape to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need standard dimensions or intricate patterns, our skilled technicians ensure clean, accurate cuts every time.


Sandblasting is a versatile technique that allows us to create stunning, custom designs on glass surfaces. By directing a stream of abrasive material at the glass, we can etch intricate patterns, logos, or text into the surface. This process is perfect for decorative glass panels, signage, and privacy screens.


To achieve a smooth, glossy finish on glass edges, we employ advanced polishing techniques. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the glass but also ensures safety by removing any sharp edges. Polished glass is ideal for furniture, mirrors, and architectural elements.


Safety is a top priority at Instrument Glasses. Our toughening process involves heating glass to high temperatures and then rapidly cooling it. This process increases the strength of the glass, making it more resistant to impact and thermal stress. Toughened glass is essential for applications where safety and durability are paramount, such as shower screens, doors, and balustrades.


Our glass bending services allow us to create curved glass panels for a variety of applications. By carefully heating the glass and using custom molds, we can achieve precise bends and curves, perfect for architectural features, furniture, and artistic installations.


Instrument Glasses provides a range of coating options to enhance the performance and aesthetics of glass. From anti-reflective and UV-protective coatings to decorative and privacy films, our coatings offer added functionality and style to your glass products.

Photo Etching

Photo etching is a specialized technique that allows us to create highly detailed designs on glass surfaces. By applying a photosensitive film and using light exposure, we can etch intricate patterns and images into the glass. This process is ideal for custom artwork, branding, and decorative panels.

Why Choose Instrument Glasses?

At Instrument Glasses, we combine cutting-edge technology with unparalleled craftsmanship to deliver top-quality glass products. Our commitment to excellence has made us one of the largest and most respected glass suppliers in the UK. Since 1962, we've been meeting the demands of various industries with fast turnaround times, bespoke solutions, and exceptional customer service.

We hold large stocks of glass, including float glass, borosilicate, anti-reflective coated glass, mirrors, privacy glass, and patterned glass. Whether you need one-off prototypes or large production runs, our team is here to provide expert advice and meet your specific needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our glass processing services and discover how Instrument Glasses can bring your vision to life with precision and style.

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