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Glass splashback vs tiles: which is best for your kitchen

There’s no denying it, kitchens are one of the messiest rooms in the house. Whether we like it or not and however clean we try to be, it’s a fact: kitchens attract mess.

It comes as no surprise that homeowners are always looking for ways to protect their walls because, without that much-needed protection, you’re in danger of permanently damaging your walls. With splashback and tiles up for the job, there are multiple benefits to both, but which is best for your kitchen? The team of experts at Instrument Glasses are here to help you decide.

Perks of Glass Splashbacks

There are many advantages to choosing splashbacks made out of glass. First of all, these are made out of tough, sturdy glass, including mirrored glass, which is smoky; toughened glass, which is usually clear; solid-coloured toughened glass, which comes in a variety of colours; and printed toughened glass, which is a very unique way to personalize your kitchen.

Splashbacks made out of glass are sleek and modern-looking, giving you yet another reason to brag about your kitchen. They are made to match anyone’s décor, and they are super low-maintenance, which means you don’t even have to think about them most of the time.

The splashbacks made out of mirrored glass are perfect for people who have small kitchens because they make the kitchen look much larger, and while it is extremely rare for the splashbacks to break, they will crumble into small pieces instead of shattering in large shards if that does happen.

Glass Splashbacks or Tile Splashbacks?

The only way to know for sure which of these glass splashbacks to choose is to go over the pros and cons of each and of course, to consider your budget.

If you love low-maintenance glass splashbacks, the glass ones will be just right. If you’re trying to spend as little money as possible, you should probably go with tiles.

You also have to consider the tile and glass splashbacks installation process, although the company that you choose to buy the splashbacks from will usually have experienced and very professional installers who will do the job right the first time.

These days, splashbacks are not just purchased for practical reasons; they are also purchased to make a statement, and this is something all splashbacks do very well. Splashbacks made out of glass are super-sturdy, trendy, and very low-maintenance.


In the end, it doesn’t really matter which type of splashbacks you choose because the right glass splashback fitter in London will make sure you find ones that will look spectacular and add a lot of ambiance to your kitchen, regardless of its size or the current décor.

Let’s face it, making sure your kitchen looks extraordinary means you have to tend to every detail, including the splashbacks. Glass splashbacks will liven up your kitchen and make it a room you’re proud to show off to others, making this one decision that is much easier than most people think.

If you'd like more information about our glass splashbacks, get in touch with Instrument Glass today.

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