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How to Achieve a High End Look on a Budget in Your Kitchen

Transforming the aesthetic of a classical or contemporary kitchen for a more sophisticated look can be achieved in a variety of ways. However, the vast majority of approaches attach a heavy price tag.

For example, you could switch out the flooring for something more elegant, replace your kitchen cabinets or take things to extremes with a full refit; all fantastic for breathing new life into your kitchen, though with the potential to be highly disruptive and extremely expensive.

This does not mean that achieving a high-end look in the kitchen on a budget is impossible. Instead, it simply means you have to be more strategic with your approach.

The Beauty of Bespoke Splashbacks

This is where a bespoke splashback can make all the difference. By opting for a custom splashback, you have the option of choosing from a limitless range of shapes, sizes, specifications and designs.

Irrespective of your kitchen’s current décor, you can have your own perfect splashback designed to perfectly complement its surroundings. Or perhaps, stand out and create a bold statement piece in its own right.

If struggling for inspiration, here are just a few ideas for sophisticated splashback designs that can really look the part in almost any kitchen:

A Blue Acrylic Splashback A beautiful burst of pastel blue can bring a striking yet soft addition of colour to almost any kitchen. Along with having an exquisite high-end look; it is also near-universally compatible with most types of neutral kitchen colour schemes. Of course, the shade and tone of the blue colour can be adjusted in any way you like, if looking for something bolder to create an eye-catching feature.

A Copper Aluminium Composite Splashback

This is a hugely popular choice for classical and contemporary kitchens alike, which again can complement almost any type of décor. Copper is very much on-trend right now, which can be brought into the kitchen as an array of decorative features and adornments, though there is nothing quite like a beautifully positioned copper aluminium composite splashback to really bring a space to life.

A Rose Gold Aluminium Composite Splashback

Particularly suitable for kitchens with a darker colour scheme, a rose gold splashback could be the ultimate show of style and sophistication. It is a slightly more limited choice by way of compatibility with existing décor, but nonetheless looks exquisite when paired with darker kitchen cabinets, flooring and countertops.

A Black Acrylic Splashback

Perhaps the ultimate in practicality and versatility, there is no kitchen in which a black splashback does not look the part. Understated, elegant and sophisticated in equal measures, a black splashback brings refinement and class to the kitchen, irrespective of its existing décor and theme.

A Grey Acrylic Splashback

The same can also be said for grey, another simple go-to for splashbacks of all shapes and sizes. The beauty of a grey splashback is the way in which the hue and intensity of the colour can be adjusted to achieve almost any effect. Whether you are looking to create a standout feature or incorporate something that blends seamlessly into the background, you cannot go wrong with a great splashback.

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