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How To Clean Your Glass Splashback | Glass manufacturers in Enfield

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Not only will our glass splashbacks bring the WOW factor to your kitchen, but our glass manufacturers in Enfield can provide them in a range of colours, sizes and with a functional purpose; easy to clean and maintain using any household

Picture this. You’re cooking in a hurry, or the lid wasn’t entirely on when you started blending. Suddenly, food has splattered all over your kitchen! Thank god for your glass splashback. When you come to cleaning your glass splashback, there are some useful things to know so you can avoid it.

When you come to clean said splashback, there are some useful things to know so you can avoid leaving behind streaks or irritating stains. There’s nothing worse than coming across that mark later and realising it’s much harder to get off.

With this in mind, Instrument glasses, glass manufacturers in Enfield, have come up with a list of cleaning tips to ensure your glass splashback sparkles for years to come. You can even apply these tips to other glass appliances in your kitchen too.

Tip #1 Clean it Up Straight Away

If you’ve spent a lot of money on your glass splashback you’ll want to ensure it stays in tip top condition. Don’t be that person who makes a mess, looks at it and then decides to leave it, and even if you’re really busy, tackling the spill as quickly as possible will get you the best results.

It will stop the likelihood of stains and more stubborn solids you might try to scrape off later.

Tip #2 Use a Good Quality Glass Cleaner or a White Vinegar Solution

For more stubborn stains and grit that has been left to harden over a longer time, you’re going to need some stronger stuff. Glass cleaners such as Windex will prove their worth here.

If you’re looking to make your own cleaner for a streak-free finish, then we’d suggest mixing one part white vinegar and three parts water and popping them into a spray bottle. You don’t need a spray bottle though; you can manually apply the liquid too.

Extra greasy? If you’re trying to get some tough grease off of your glass splashback, then try baking powder with water until you get a light pasty consistency. Apply the mix over the surface, leave it half an hour and wipe off with a damp cloth, tackle residue with another application.

Tip #3 Micro-fibre Cloths are the Tool of the Job

For your glass splashback, this type of cloth is going to do the job better than any other. The cloth’s vastly increased point of contact with the surface works wonders and will give you that streak-free finish.

Tip #4 Wipe The Surface Down Post-Clean

The best things to use here are a dry lint-free cloth or if you have any newspaper lying around. Newspaper is excellent for wiping down glass surfaces and not leaving streaks, make sure to wear gloves, so the print doesn’t stain your hand.

Tip #5 Don’t Work in Direct Sunlight

When the sun shines, it can be more tempting to clean, mostly because the sun reveals the dirt better. But don’t be too hasty with your glass splashback, cleaning in direct heat won’t give you the best results.

The heat will dry out your surface, and if you’re using cleaning products on a hot surface, then you are going to get stains and streaks. So, try to wait until the sun goes in to get the rubber gloves on.

Tip #6 Still Getting Streaks? Swap to Distilled Water

It could be your taps holding you back. Some tap water will have minerals that will cause streaks to appear after cleaning. Swap to distilled water and see the difference.

Tip #7 Don’t use Abrasive Cloths

As tempting as it may be to pull out a scourer or another form of abrasive so clean away stains, don’t do it. Surface scratching, or worse, will ensure you can never get your glass splashback looking perfect. Stick to our above cloth tips.

Should you find that cleaning reveals damage to your glass splashback, such as surface scratching or even chips, there’s no cleaning tip to help that. It may be that your sealant needs replacing, each splashback has a sealant over it which tends to need replacing around every five years.

Our glass manufacturers in Enfield are always happy to help though, so if you need replacing your glass splashback, give our glass manufacturing company in Enfield a call today.

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