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Kitchen splashback tips

Redesigning your kitchen can be overwhelming, so we hope these kitchen splashback tips will help! It’s no secret that any home improvement big or small can cause even the most confident homeowner to second guess their decisions. So, when an opportunity to revamp a space presents itself – you want to grab it with both hands!

At Instrument Glasses, our aim is to make restyling your home as stress-free as possible, which is why we offer a range of products to match all budgets. In the past we’ve spoken about adding value to your home using mirrors, and how to choose the perfect bespoke glass shower screen. However today, we’re tackling one of the most common pitfalls homeowners face when redecorating their kitchens.

Why are kitchen splashbacks important?

Perhaps you’ve never noticed before, but kitchen splashbacks are actually present in almost every kitchen. Simple in principal, splashbacks can offer both style and substance to the heart of the home – allowing enthusiastic chefs to get creative without worrying about the mess.

Over the years we’ve seen kitchen trends come and go, evolving and adapting new characteristics. However, one feature that has maintained popularity across the decades are kitchen splashbacks. With so many designs, colours and material options on the market however, it’s easy to make costly mistakes.

If you’re in need of kitchen splashback tips, make sure you’ve first considered your options by checking out these common mistakes.

  1. Consider practicalities

You’d be surprised just how far spaghetti sauce can travel during cooking, and without the right splashback, you can soon find yourself frantically scrubbing at the walls in a bid to remove the stains. Even the most cautious cook can sometimes make a mess, and this is where the perfect splashback can save the day.

The first thing to consider is that not every kitchen splashback will be practical. It may sound crazy, but many kitchen splashbacks are designed to look fantastic, but aren’t practical for a busy kitchen. However, there are also a number of splashback materials that do stand up well to dirt and grime, such as:

  • Glass splashbacks

  • Ceramic splashbacks

  • Porcelain tile splashbacks

A surprising number of homeowners tell us that their current kitchen splashbacks have become thick with dirt. So bear these options in mind before committing to a life of cleaning!

  1. Try before you buy

Whilst there’s a range of kitchen splashbacks available out there for homeowners working to a tight budget, there are also plenty that will cost a pretty penny. If you’re investing in expensive materials or kitting out a large space, you’ll know that revamping your kitchen with splashbacks can be costly. So with that in mind, we think you’ll be as surprised as we were to find out a huge percentage of people don’t try splashback samples out before they pledge large amounts of money to the cause.

This leads us on to our second huge mistake to avoid when fitting your new kitchen splashbacks. Remember to always try before you buy! Any reputable supplier will be able to provide samples of the splashbacks you’re most interested in. This gives you a chance to take it home, fix it to the wall and see how it looks. Once you’re happy with it visually you can go ahead and place your order confident in your choice.

  1. Compliment or clash?

We know how tempting it can be to go crazy with bold colours and, sometimes, those risks can pay off. However, one thing that’s important to consider before getting carried away with the bright and beautiful shades on offer. That is whether your new addition will compliment or clash with your existing décor.

Whether you’ve got a contemporary or traditional kitchen layout, a kitchen splashback can be the making, or breaking, of your design strategy. Luckily this is easily avoidable by simply following our advice above and trying out some different samples before making a decision.

Some simple kitchen splashback tips to consider:

  • If your current kitchen design is bright and vibrant, consider a neutral kitchen splashback. Remember that some colour is great, but you don’t want your kitchen to feel like a fairground.

  • Monochrome never goes out of fashion. So, when in doubt, you can usually always rely on a plain black or white splashback.

  • Does your kitchen get a lot of natural light? If not, consider avoiding darker splashback colours that can make your kitchen look smaller than it really is.

  • If you’re struggling for inspiration, matching your kitchen splashbacks to the colour of your worktops. This is a great way to create an effortless flow through the room.

  1. Make a statement

One of the best things about fitting a kitchen splashback is that you can easily create a statement feature. This can be done without spending large amounts of money or completely changing the entire room.

In 2019 the sky is your limit when it comes to printed kitchen splashbacks, and you can really put your own personal stamp on your kitchen by picking the perfect design. However, consider the entire space rather than just focusing on the area you wish to fit your splashbacks. A simple pattern can bring a kitchen together, helping integrate colours across the room.

kitchen splashback tips with Instrument Glasses

We consider ourselves experts providing many options for great kitchen splashback. So, if you’re looking for a splashback that not only looks great, but also performs well and lasts for years – our excellent range of toughened glass splashbacks may be the perfect addition!

Our team are on hand to provide help and advice, so give us a call today.

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