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Navigating Security Glass: Understanding the Distinctions Between Impact Glass and Tempered Glass

In the realm of safeguarding properties, the choice of glass plays a pivotal role in fortifying vulnerable entry points and customer contact areas. Instrument Glasses, with its nearly six decades of expertise in bespoke glass manufacturing, unravels the intricacies of security glass, shedding light on the distinctions between impact glass and tempered glass.

Security Glass Unveiled:

Security Glass Overview:

Security glass stands as a formidable defense against potential threats, ranging from forced entry attempts to ballistic impacts. Engineered to provide enhanced resistance, security glass is a critical component in fortifying structures while ensuring the safety of occupants.

Distinguishing Features:

Tempered Glass:

  • Strength Under Stress: Tempered glass undergoes a heat treatment process that imparts exceptional strength. When shattered, it breaks into small, granular pieces, minimizing the risk of injury.

  • Standard Security: While tempered glass provides a level of security by resisting impact, its primary focus is on safety. It is commonly used in applications where the prevention of injuries due to shattered glass is crucial.

Impact Glass:

  • Layered Defense: Impact glass, also known as laminated glass, comprises multiple layers of glass bonded together with an interlayer, often made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). This layered structure enhances resistance to impact.

  • Bullet Resistance: Impact glass is designed to withstand a range of forces, from blunt impacts to bullets. In the event of breakage, the interlayer keeps the glass intact, preventing fragments from scattering.

Choosing the Right Solution:

Considerations for Application:

  • Forced Entry: If the primary concern is forced entry, tempered glass may be a suitable choice. Its strength and shattering pattern provide a level of security while prioritizing safety.

  • Ballistic Protection: In scenarios where ballistic protection is paramount, impact glass emerges as the preferred option. Its layered structure and ability to absorb and disperse impact energy make it ideal for such applications.

Customization Options:

  • Instrument Glass Expertise: When it comes to security glass, Instrument Glass stands as an industry leader. Our expertise allows for customization based on specific security needs, ensuring a tailored solution for each client.


In the dynamic landscape of security glass, understanding the differences between impact glass and tempered glass is essential. Whether fortifying against forced entry or seeking ballistic protection, the right choice hinges on a careful consideration of application-specific requirements.

Instrument Glasses, with its legacy of craftsmanship and commitment to excellence, stands ready to guide clients through the nuanced realm of security glass. Our nearly six decades of expertise ensure that the chosen solution not only meets but exceeds expectations, providing a fortified shield for properties in need of robust protection.

For bespoke security glass solutions that prioritize both safety and security, turn to Instrument Glass, where expertise meets innovation in every pane. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of safeguarding your spaces with precision-crafted security glass.

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