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Office Interior Design Trends 2022

Although working from home became an unexpected trend in 2021, many of us have been able

to return to more traditional offices.

The appreciation of a well-designed office space continues to rise - especially after being linked

to increased productivity and wellness among employees. Following this period of working from

home - that continues for some - we’ve had to reevaluate what we want and need from office

spaces and how their design can best serve us.

Here are some of the top office interior design trends Instrument Glasses, glass manufacturing in Hertfordshire, expect to see throughout 2022.

Natural Light

Going hand in hand with the idea of using a lighter colour palette, making the most of natural

light is also an important trend for office design.

Like the incorporation of plants, natural light can help improve employee wellbeing and

productivity. Maximising natural light and reflecting it with mirrors or glass partitions will make a

space feel bigger, brighter and airier.

Boho Office Design

In previous years, many offices have prioritised modern designs, with that trendy tech startup

look probably coming to mind; however, with this shift towards more comfortable workplaces,

we’re seeing a rise in creatively-designed, bohemian spaces.

More frequently, we’re seeing offices that combine old and new design styles to create unique

but functional areas. This might include combining contemporary glass design and antique

furniture in an otherwise sleek, technologically advanced office.

An unconventional mix of new and old is a great way to bring that sense of personality and

character that many office workers are starting to seek.

Office Partitions

As we continue to be conscious of the spread of COVID, temporary partitions are a common

fixture in workplaces of all kinds.

Functionality and social distancing remain the primary reasons behind the presence of partitions

and divisions in the office, but we are beginning to see more design-led options that help

encourage a stylish and attractive-looking space as well as being safe.

Choosing partitions that complement the existing design of the space creates cohesive,

adaptable interiors. Glass partitions are particularly popular in new offices as they ensure the

space stays open and employees can feel connected while remaining apart.

At Instrument Glasses, provide expert glass manufacturing and design to ensure your office

stands out and stylishly adapts to the world's new normal. We offer a friendly, free design and

advice service to all our customers allowing them to exploit our vast knowledge of the glass

industry and current market trends.

For more information about our services, get in touch with our team today.

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