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Splashbacks Buying Guide

Why Choose Glass Splashbacks

Splashbacks are a diverse and modern feature in the home. Commonly found in the kitchen,

they are essentially one large glass tile that works to protect the wall behind the glass surface.

With a range of colours, patterns and finishes to choose from, your splashback will not only

provide a practical function but will complement the rest of your room beautifully; matching your

current interior design.

What Should I Consider?

It’s important to take your time when choosing your splashback, as there are many things to

consider to make sure you end up with exactly what you wanted.


Our customers can choose their desired colour from the RAL colour chart. With plenty of

variation in shades, you don’t have to worry about not finding the right one!

Click on the link further down this page to view our interactive kitchen and experiment with the

colours of the RAL colour chart.

We also offer a colour matching service if you’d like your splashback to match your walls or

kitchen cabinets exactly!


Be aware that the glass going directly behind the hob needs to be toughened. The rest of the

splashback can be regular, untoughened glass if you wish.

How To Measure Up?

Once you’ve chosen the splashback you’d like, you just need to take a few measurements

which will enable us to provide a quote and supply the exact size and shape you need.

If you require supply only, these will be the measurements we refer to when cutting the glass. If

you are having a supply and fitting service from us, then we will send out one of our glaziers to

take secondary measurements, once the job has been agreed – just to make sure we have

100% accurate measurements to work with!

Maintenance & Upkeep

It’s imperative to factor splashbacks into your regular cleaning regime – luckily, glass

splashbacks are one of the easiest materials to keep clean!

  • Step 1 First, remove any grease or fatty deposits using a damp sponge. Remember to pay particular attention to behind the hob, as this is where most of the grease and fat will build up.

  • Step 2 Using a streak-free glass cleaner, spray over the glass and leave for 1-2 minutes, then thoroughly wipe clean using a lint-free cloth. We do NOT recommend using any abrasive or hard-cleaning pads or cloths, as these could scratch the glass. Likewise, you should never use any harsh solvents either.

Commercial Splashbacks

As well as around the home, splashbacks have proven very popular amongst the commercial

sector too. Instrument Glasses have been working closely with local businesses for over 50 years,

forming lasting relationships with companies throughout various sectors.

A splashbacks long-lasting and hygienic properties make them an excellent option for

restaurants and bars, whilst their premium appearance lends them perfectly to high-end shops

and spas.

Why Choose Instrument Glasses

With Instrument Glasses, Hertfordshire glass manufacturing, you can rest assured knowing that we offer fantastic customer service, and always strive to meet your individual needs – whatever they may be! For more information, get in touch with our team today.

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