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Top Tips For Maintaining Glass

Whether you’ve already got glass in your property, or have recently benefited from a fresh installation, ensuring your glass fixtures and fittings stay in top condition is always a priority. Luckily, Instrument Glasses have the glass maintenance tips you need!


Treat your glass with respect. Although toughened glass is a highly durable material, there is still the potential for sharp or blunt objects to mark it.

Clean it regularly.

Depending on the location of your glass, this may involve simply using hot water and a suitable implement to remove dust and grime. For a streak free finish, use white vinegar or a suitable commercial glass cleaner. For larger expanses of glass on buildings, a commercial window cleaning company may be required.

Check fittings and fixtures regularly.

A loose glass clamp or other fixing could potentially cause your glass panel to become unstable, increasing the risk of it becoming detached completely and breaking. Regular inspection of your glass installations, along with prompt maintenance if you notice any signs of deterioration, can help to protect your glass from this hazard.

Be particularly vigilant after bad weather.

If you have an exterior installation (for example a pool fence or balustrade), bad weather can cause fixings to loosen and also deposit large amounts of detritus on your glass feature. Prompt remedial action following a storm can help to minimise the risk of damage to your glass as a result of high winds.

If the glass is exposed to a substance which stains it, ensure prompt removal with a suitable product. Many stains can be removed with products containing toluene or mineral spirits.

If you'd like more information about our glass products or how our services can benefit you, get in touch with our Enfield glass manufacturing team today.

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