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Transform your kitchen with a glass splashback

The purpose of a splashback in the kitchen is primarily to protect the walls behind the kitchen surfaces, including the cooker tops and hobs. They are also really useful behind microwaves or worktop ovens, as they prevent steam and heat from damaging the wall behind.

Customers having a new kitchen installed will often choose a splashback to coordinate with their new cabinets and work-surfaces, however, due to them being so cost-effective, many customers are now buying splashbacks to simply transform the look and feel of their existing kitchen. There are so many options available that they can be used to add either a subtle accent of colour to your kitchen walls or become a fantastic feature.

Splashbacks are an extremely worthwhile investment both aesthetically and also in terms of hygiene and practicality, although it's important that you select glass over a lower cost acrylic version. The best option is a hardened glass splashback (so it will never smash - like a car windscreen) that's at least 6mm thick.

How you can benefit from our kitchen glass splashbacks

Personalised designs

Here at Instrument Glasses, you can choose any colour, shape, and size of your kitchen splashbacks.

We offer a wide range of colours and finishes to match your existing kitchen décor. This includes our premium glitter ranges and crackle glass splashbacks, which are ideal for kitchen worktops. If you’re looking for something more personalised our printed glass splashbacks are the best option. Add any image or design to our toughened glass to create a unique feature wall.


The most common reason for having a glass splashback fitted is to protect your kitchen walls from stains. Unlike tiles, which have hard to clean gaps, they are easy to maintain. Glass is naturally resistant to water and bacteria which means any food splashes can be cleaned up effortlessly.

They are also extremely heat-resistant. Made of toughened glass, they are five times more resistant than any other splashback material. To get the most out of your toughened glass splashback, they should be placed behind your hob to provide your kitchen walls with protection from hot grease or food splashes.


If you’re looking for long-lasting kitchen décor, our glass splashback are ideal. They can save you a significant amount of money in comparison to regular tiles, which require continuous re-grouting.

They also help you to avoid expensive installation and maintenance costs, as there is no need to use tile cutters or grout. This makes them much easier to fit too – if you’re thinking of doing it yourself take a look at our top tips on how to tile a splashback.

If you'd like more information about splashbacks for your kitchen, get in touch with Instrument Glasses today.

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