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Types of Kitchen Splashbacks you could consider for your home

Kitchen splashbacks are the perfect solution for your cooking space. They are hygienic, easy to install and last for many years. Though they are a bit expensive, their durability makes them the right choice in the long run. Here are a few options available for your kitchen.

Glass splashbacks

Glass splashbacks have a pretty and colourful look and can be customized in any size and shape. They are made from 6mm toughened glass, and therefore, are highly resistant to heat and impact. Toughened glass is known to improve the splashback quality considerably. The surface of glass splashbacks is very smooth, which makes it easier to wipe and clean.

Stainless steel splashbacks

These are not everyone’s choice. A perfect option for those who prefer simple and minimalist designs and ease of use. These splashbacks are inexpensive and can be easily cut to your dimensions. Also, these are hygienic and perfect for everyday use. They can last for years without losing their shine.

Acrylic splashbacks

These acrylic splashbacks can easily adjust under your budget. They are versatile and inexpensive. You can create any kind of shape or design by molding the acrylic splashbacks. However, you need to be careful while cooking as they cannot withstand high temperatures. Install them at a distance from the cooking range to avoid any spill or heat impact.

Mirror splashbacks

The mirror splashbacks create an illusion, and your kitchen looks even more significant. They reflect the bright colours of your interiors and illuminate your kitchen as light falls on them.

Sparkle splashbacks

Are you a fan of glitter splashback kitchen? If yes, then sparkle splashbacks are the right option for you. The sparkle glass splashbacks are bold, artistic and stand out among your kitchen interiors. The sparkle texture provides a beautiful shine as light falls on the surface. Though the concept of glitter splashback kitchen is new, it’s a choice for the new generation!

Picture splashbacks

Do you wish to have personalized kitchen interiors? Well, picture splashbacks are the answer to your choice. They are highly customizable in terms of design. You can choose any picture of choice, be it an elegant wallpaper or a moment from your memory down the lane. Choosing the right image for printed splashbacks is, however, a bit tricky. You don’t want it to clash with the theme of your kitchen. Make sure that the colours and images in the picture splashbacks compliment the objects around them.

Options for best kitchen splashbacks in the UK

Instrument Glasses provides you the best kitchen splashbacks in the UK regarding quality designs and outstanding customer service. You can explore our wide range of designs and colour options. We also help you in choosing the right combination for your kitchen with enhanced splashback quality. Just give us a call or send us an email, and our expert team will get in touch with you immediately.

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