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Using Mirrors In Interior Design

A decorator’s secret weapon, mirrors are more than a practical object in which to check your

own reflection; in the right hands, a beautiful mirror can be used to amplify light, add drama,

create interesting reflections and frame views. Think beyond the bathroom and take a look at

these design tips for using mirrors to transform your home.

At Instrument Glasses, we have helped clients across the UK bring their ideas to life, using

custom mirror designs to enhance their interiors. Here’s how you can use mirrors to add a

luxurious flair to your interior design.

Using Mirrors To Brighten A Room

To increase the amount of natural light cast around a room, simply place a mirror opposite or

beside a window; no matter how gloomy the sky is outside, it will harness any available daylight.

The bigger the mirror, the brighter and larger the space will feel.

In a bedroom, for instance, an oversized mirror is the perfect piece to make the space feel

lighter and more open – especially when placed above a mirrored chest of drawers for extra

reflective power.

Make Your Mirror A Window

In windowless rooms – typically, that’s bathrooms – a mirror can make a world of difference; go

big and choose a sizeable design to really maximise the luminosity and make the space feel

bigger. Frameless mirrors are great tools in these instances – look for a design that fits your

space from wall to wall to create a seamless effect.

Another clever trick in darker areas of the home (think hallways) is to select a mirror that’s

designed to mimic the shape of a traditional window frame.

Play Around With Shapes And Symmetry

Don’t get hung up on practicality and function by sticking to traditional rectangular mirrors – why

not opt for a round or oval mirror, or seek out less conventional shapes.

Placement and positioning are open to interpretation, too. Experiment, for example, by hanging

a vertical mirror horizontally behind a bed, in place of a headboard. This is both surprising and

impactful. And why not try framing a view? When used in pairs either side of a window or

doorway, mirrors create a sense of balance and harmony, reflecting the opposite side of the

room front to back, as well as left to right.

Mirrors can transform an ordinary room into an energetic space that's full of lively design activity.

At Instrument Glasses, we create bespoke mirror designs to help enhance your interiors. If

you’d like more information about our services, get in touch with our team today.

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