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Ways to use decorative glass for interior design

Various different types of glass can be used for decorative purposes, including painted glass,

frosted or sandblasted glass, crackle glass and mirrored glass.

When it comes to giving your house a sense of your own individual style, many think to decorate

the walls or buy furniture. But one material many do not consider that can create a splash of

uniqueness to your home is decorative glass.

Today, Instrument Glasses, London glass manufacturers, will be breaking down the way glass

can be used for all aspects of your house. From your windows to your furniture.

Your own personal style

Glass as a material has been used in art pieces for years and years. Glass has such a sleek

look that fits any kitchen style you want in your house, rustic, marble or otherwise.

Using glass splashbacks in your kitchen not only has a pristine quality to it but allows for easier

maintenance for cleaning. It also removes the hassle of scrubbing the grout in tiles.

Glass splashbacks are also versatile. If you’re worried about it breaking under the heat of your

stove or oven do not fear, our glass splashbacks are heat resistant and durable so you can cook

to your heart's content while all the basics are covered.

They are also customisable, they can match any colour. So if your kitchen is all black or a

specific shade of blue, we've got it covered.

Along with this, glass splashbacks can be more cut and shaped to fit your specifications. This

feature, on the surface may be simple, but it can be just the thing your kitchen needs to pop with

its colour and sleek design.

Next Level Glass Balustrades

Utilizing glass on your stairs as a staircase is a subtle way to create an effective sleek feature.

Glass staircases aren't just for decoration either, it can elevate your hallway/landing and make it

seem more spacious.

Using glass isn’t just an element that can just be used inside your house, glass can be used for

balconies that take your house to a whole new level.

Glass balconies don’t block the view of your house and their durability means you and your

family are safe to enjoy the view. It doesn’t compromise the style of your house, glass can be

molded and shaped to flatter your space and create a sleek yet homely feel to a space that

many homeowners don’t consider.

Top of the table

Using glass in your furniture is something a lot of homeowners are starting to incorporate. Say

you have a dining table that you want to protect from wear and tear while giving it a sleek finish,

a glass top does that for you.

Don’t worry about it smashing, as mentioned before, the glass we use at Instrument Glasses is

durable and strong.

It adds a three-dimensional aspect, turning a standard table into a conversational piece when

guests come to visit. As well as this, glass shelving is a simplistic yet visually appealing aspect.

The almost invisible effect glass shelving provides directs eyes to what’s on the shelves and

gives off the impression of less it more.

Finishing touch

It is a subtle way to bring your house into the modern age. For instance, if your house has a

rustic and vintage style to it and you want to incorporate more modern elements into it without

ruining it, glass won’t compromise that. Our expert team and our amazing materials are a must

for homeowners looking into this so if you’re interested please get in touch with Instrument

Glasses today.

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