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What Are the Benefits of White Kitchen Splashbacks?

A kitchen splashback is designed primarily to protect the surface beneath from dirt, grime, and moisture. But along with making it much easier to keep a kitchen clean and hygienic, a splashback can create a beautiful point of focus in its own right.

This is where the beauty of bespoke splashback design lies – the limitless scope of options available. Your custom glass splashback can be anything you want it to be, finished in any colour and design imaginable. You can be as creative and daring as you like, with the option of submitting your own custom graphics or photographs if preferred.

Even so, taking things back to basics with a fairly simple splashback is often the way to go. A splashback can be a statement piece for the entire space, or it can blend in seamlessly with its surroundings. For those erring towards the subtle side of splashback design, nothing gets the job done better than a classic white splashback.

Why Install a Classic White Splashback?

With such a broad range of creative and innovative options to choose from, what makes the classic white splashback so desirable?

Simple and understated it may be, but a beautiful white splashback brings a long list of benefits into play. Just a few examples of which include the following:

  • Any large white feature you bring into your kitchen will add a sense of spaciousness and airiness to the room. This can be particularly effective in smaller kitchens, where white glass can play a major role in opening up the space.

  • A glossy white splashback can also be fantastic for maximising available light, helping keep the space illuminated by bouncing light away from its reflective surface. This is true of all glossy splashbacks but is particularly effective with bright white panels.

  • Universally compatible with all types of kitchens, a white splashback will always beautifully complement its surroundings. This can also make it easier to choose a future colour scheme for your kitchen, confident that your white splashback will continue to look the part.

  • The timeless sophistication and appeal of a white glass splashback are also universal, which could help you sell your home for the best possible price in future.

  • White is a colour that is typically associated with cleanliness and hygiene, making it perfectly suited to the kitchen. The inclusion of white in a kitchen adds to its visual appeal, without crossing the line into sterility.

  • Any kitchen hardware or accessories you position in close proximity to your splashback will be perfectly framed by its pristine white glass. Again, a white splashback is universally compatible with anything and everything you bring into your kitchen.

  • Paired with precision-mounted LEDs, an illuminated white glass splashback can serve an additional purpose as a feature light for your kitchen. If this is something you are interested in, be sure to discuss it with your preferred supplier during your initial consultation.

Just a few of the many benefits of white glass splashbacks, proving you don’t have to get too clever or creative to bring light, life and energy into your kitchen.

Ask the Experts at Instrument Glasses

At Instrument Glasses, we know how difficult it can be to narrow things down to the perfect splashback for your kitchen. That’s why we would be delighted to provide you with an obligation-free design consultation at your convenience, during which we will guide you through the options available.

From classic white splashbacks to the most eye-catching splashbacks featuring your own original designs, we’ll help you transform the appeal of your kitchen at a price you can afford. Place your order online for prompt delivery, or contact a member of the team at Instrument Glasses anytime for more information.

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