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What is Commercial Glass

If you are just about to embark on a new renovation project, it is imperative that you select the

correct materials for the project. That goes without saying, right?

But, few people have actually heard of commercial glass, and even fewer people would be able

to tell you what the difference is between safety glass and regular glass for residential projects.

So, to help ensure that your upcoming job is a complete success, our Hertfordshire glass manufacturing here to help you understand what is commercial glass, what it’s benefits are, and what types of tasks it should be used for.

Commercial Glass, otherwise known as Safety Glass

Commercial glass is, to put it simply, a type of glass which is designed to be used in commercial


To suit the requirements of these types of properties, this specific type of glass is designed to be

larger than the glass that would be required for residential jobs. This is because residential

properties would normally only require small panes of glass, for projects such as windows or

balconies. With commercial projects, however, glass is often used as a material for curtain

walling systems, which require much larger panes of glass. Safety glass is often custom made

to fit the exact specifications of a particular commercial building.

Due to the fact that safety glass is far larger in scale, different industry regulations are enforced

on it. This type of glass is a highly specialised material and, in order to ensure the safety of

employees or visitors, it has to adhere to strict standards. It is imperative that healthy and safety

is considered in full when adding glass to a commercial property. Furthermore, since it is far

trickier to install glass of this size, specialist equipment is typically needed in order to

successfully install the glass.

With this specialist type of safety glass, we would always advise enlisting the help of a

professional glass specialist. That’s where we come in. At Instrument Glasses, our brilliant Hertfordshire glass manufacturing team have extensive experience working with commercial glass. So do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you require our services.

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