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What is Switchable Glass | Instrument Glasses

Switchable glass is also known as smart glass and has become one of the biggest trends in home construction because of the many benefits it offers. This type of glass has a special glazing that alters the light transmission properties of the glass when certain conditions are met. These conditions can be the application of voltage, light, or heat. In general. What this means is that when such conditions are met, the glass becomes either translucent or transparent. Due to this, it has become extremely popular as it can help with privacy needs. Switchable glass is therefore used in residential buildings as well as commercial buildings.


Switchable glass or smart glass can help in many different ways. Some of the many benefits of this are:

  • They make great partitions: Switchable glass or smart glass can be used to make partitions in bathrooms and shower cubicles, along with walls in offices. Using these types of glasses instead of standard walls can be a great idea as it can help the space look modern and more open. It’s a great way to bring a contemporary aesthetic into the same old office or home space.

  • They can be used in retail buildings: Another great use of switchable glass is that they can be used to create partitions in retail buildings, ensuring that customers have a private and sleek-looking space to try on new clothes. Many traditional stores use curtains and these do not provide the level of privacy that is generally required when trying on clothes.

  • They can be used in hospitals: A contemporary look is desired in multiple places, including hospitals. In order to make a hospital look more open and spacious, one can use switchable glass instead of traditional partitions like curtains and walls. Switchable glass can be used in the ERs to help patients have their own privacy when in the beds, in the XRay rooms, diagnostic labs, and other areas where privacy is needed.

  • They can replace traditional glass partitions in offices: Another great way to use switchable glass is by using it to replace traditional glass partitions in offices. If you are building new office cubicles, media rooms, meeting rooms, and so on, then you can use switchable glass that can give you the privacy you need at the touch of a button. This makes the space look more modern.

  • They can be used in skylights: If you have a skylight in your home, but do not always want the sunlight coming in, then you can use switchable glass to control when the light comes in and when it does not. By pressing a single button, you can make the glass transparent when you want the sun to come in, and translucent when you don’t want it to come in.


Switchable glass offers a wide range of advantages for both homeowners as well as people who own commercial buildings. Some of these advantages are as follows:

They offer enhanced privacy without having to compromise on the aesthetic of the building. You can live in homes with large sliding doors and windows without worrying about people peeping in.

They are stronger than regular glass, which means that they do not break as easily.

They work as a great decor element in your home or office, and are not just there to block air from windows.


Instrument Glasses is the leading name in the country when it comes to high quality switchable glass or smart glass. You can meet a variety of needs by simply scheduling a meeting with our experts and explaining what you want.

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